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ERP/CRM Solution

Leaders in CRM/ERP Solutions in Bahrain

A Software Platform that puts ‘YOU’ in Command, Axpert™ is a SOA based application development platform from Agile Labs, Bangalore . It is a  tool that allows one to develop large enterprise applications such as CRM, ERP, etc, without any knowledge of coding.

Axpert™ stores business rules, access-control mechanism, business logic, related parts and otherwise the middle-tier of any application as metadata within a database. Business logic gets stored inside the database as “Process Structures”, thereby making the Application Server entirely redundant. All that is to be deployed on the client node is a tiny 5 MB executable file. The technology reduces a developer’s job to a great extent because it only requires a good working knowledge of SQL.

Business applications built on Axpert™ are co-existing with other popular enterprise applications such as SAP, ORACLE, Siebel, and Legacy applications, completely and seamlessly integrated.

Key Features of Axpert Software:

  • Create software applications that suit YOUR needs
  • Define your database tables & business rules and your application is ready
  • No need to have an army of super developers to make your application
  • Change your software application easily as your needs change