Products & Services 

Other Products Offered

As a leading business in the IT sector, we stand beside our wide range of products that can be adapted to the specific needs of our customers. From the list below our customers can rest assure that we can provide the upmost quality and best pricing.

Products and Services Offered:

  • Hosting your Disaster Recovery Site on our secure 24/7 monitored premises
  • 24/7 Maintenance for your Disaster Recovery sites
  • Electrical maintenance to your UPS, Data Center and other needs
  • CCTV maintenance and monitoring
  • Monthly Maintenance of your IT infrastructure
  • Vehicle GPS Tracking for up to 250 vehicles via Web and App tracking
  • LED Boards for advertising and branding
  • IT equipment shifting with specialized engineers leading the de-assembly and assembly with configuring the devices
  • Much more..

Please email us for any inquiries and we can let you more about our experience, client list and best offered solution.