Leading the IT industry since 1986

Transworld Information Technology (formerly known as Transworld Computers) was established in early 1986 by Mr. AbdulRahman M. Al Sindi with a vision to grow to be major player in Bahrain’s IT market. It has expanded its services portfolio year-on-year to fulfill its growing client base needs with dedication, expertise, and professionalism.

Ever since, the company has taken part in shaping Bahrain’s IT infrastructure with supplying IT equipment for government entities and private corporations that take place in the heart of Manama. Mr. AbdulRahman’s vision grew from supplying IT equipment and hardware to being a full ICT Vendor and IT service oriented company servicing the Bahraini market.

Transworld has taken part in massive exhibitions around the GCC and in Europe, promoting their own products and other products under their umbrella. Every since the late 1900’s, Transworld had a vision to grown beyond supplying computer peripherals and accessories to supplying and installing Datacenters, fiber optic solutions, A to Z networking infrastructures. Hence why the company grew and changed its business name from Transworld Computers to Transworld Information Technology.

Today, Transworld has over 80 employees, supporting contracts and businesses around the clock.